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Hatha Yoga with Natasha

Yoga Therapy

All yoga is a therapy; simple regular yoga practice helps release the pain and suffering by addressing the deep roots of the imbalances in the body. From all variety of yogic techniques available to improve physical, emotional and mental states, which one you should practice? For different people the same practice can cause opposite effects, depending when you practise, what, and in which order. I provide one-on-one consultation to design the most efficient yoga practice suitable for both your needs and preferences. It includes establishing your aims and choosing the best techniques fitting your daily routine – postures adapted for you, breathing, meditation, guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra) and cleansing practices, with provided video, audio and written instructions.

Book your initial consultation now, whether you a new to yoga, wish to deepen your yoga or sport practice, improve your healing process, or address specific imbalances (e.g. physical pain, high/low blood pressure, anxiety, asthma, insomnia, weight imbalance, digestion problems, addictions, depression, chronic fatigue, emotional imbalances, yoga for eyes, etc.). My mission here is to show what yoga can offer. It is everyone's choice to use this tool box for own benefit to have happy and efficient life.

Bring clarity, balance and happiness into your life now!

Hari Aum



Available in the greater Wellington region or online. Contact me to book a consultation.