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Hatha Yoga with Natasha

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Unique Chakra Course Online —

Discover Your High Potential

During this course you will learn to feel and activate your main Chakras.


During 7 sessions you will receive and practice ancient tantric yoga and meditation techniques from yoga lineage of Swami Satyananda Saraswati, designed to discover and control your main Chakras. These techniques will allow you to balance each centre for higher harmony in mind, body and spirit, in preparation of the rising of the Kundalini Shakti.

This Course will change your yoga practice: if you are a beginner and have never felt Chakras and Prana in the body — you will have chance to get direct experience of it; If you are an experience Yogi — this course will deepen your personal practice, receiving new tools to activate and work with particular Chakras for your spiritual growth. All yoga aspirants will discover something new about yoga and their psychic body, learning how to use these ancient techniques to enrich everyday life.

All the practices shared were received in direct initiation from guru to students in the Saraswati lineage; an experience that can now be passed to you.


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Beginners and experienced yoga practitioners both will benefit from this unique course.



$150.00 Early bird registration (to be announced)

Payment (reference your name and Chakra2021):
Bank account transfer: 01-1821-0010390-00
PAYPAL - hathayoganat@gmail.com

Hari Aum ॐ